*UPDATE* T-Shirts and Newsletters

Hey Gospelink Community! It’s been a while since we’ve posted to the blog, but the last entry carried enough weight, I hope everyone had a chance to read over it. Wanted to bring a couple things to your attention though – we’re VERY excited about both:

Yes, our new t-shirts are here! They’re hip, they’re soft, they fit spectacularly! Many of our shirts are already out the door and people are LOVING them! ┬áNot only that, the funds we’re receiving from these t-shirts are helping us continue to empower nationals to reach their own people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ; it helps us continue doing what we’ve been doing. And what better cause is there?

Want to buy your own Gospelink T-Shirt? Click here!

2. The ALL-NEW Advance… [ Gospelink’s monthly newsletter ] is ready for print!
That’s right! September’s edition of Advance… will feature full-color, eye-popping graphics, great articles, a special recognition of our sponsors and donors, and a list of several of our more urgent needs. It will also have information concerning our new t-shirts and a promotion for the month of September. So keep your eyes on your inbox (or mailbox)…you won’t want to miss it!